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‘From chew to poo’

Posted by on October 8, 2017

Last week, Year 4 visited Eureka. We had a fantastic time learning about the human body and digestive system.

This week, we are going to explore the digestive system further. Can anyone remember anything about the digestive system? Can you name any of the parts of the body? Do you remember their functions?


7 Responses to ‘From chew to poo’

  1. Ebany

    Some of the functions are:

    .-small intestine

    -large intestine

  2. bilal

    I learnt that the small intestine is very long

  3. bisma

    you eat and then your food comes when your on the toilet.

  4. Jenson

    The stomach absorbs the food and goes through the small intestine. And the large intestine.

  5. Ravjot

    Some of the functions are:

    .-small intestine

    -large intestine

  6. Bisma

    Some of the function are:

    -large intestine
    -small intestine

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