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Science fun!

Posted by on October 12, 2017

This week we had a go at modelling the digestive system and making our own poo. We hope you had fun!  Here is a picture of the items we used:

Can you write a set of instructions to explain the experiment we carried out? Can you link this to the different parts of the digestive system?

9 Responses to Science fun!

  1. Bisma

    That is a huge board.

  2. Bisma

    The experiment was fun and really messy

  3. Humaira

    This project was a mixture of fun,gross,silly and loads more but if I told you all the things it is you would get Bored

  4. Bisma

    The experiment was really messy and fun and we all got our hands dirty I did the part when you have to put your hands in the bowl.

  5. Bisma

    It was awesome

  6. safiya

    It was gross, disgusting and ewe I can’t even say

  7. Bisma

    I squished the sand which with my hand.

  8. vanesa

    It was awsom makeing poo.Also it was scince and i like scince because my favrut lesson is scince.I will once make it .

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