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Posted by on November 23, 2017

What can you retrieve from this picture?

What can you infer from this picture?

What can you learn from this picture?

Do you know any other information relating to this image?

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  1. vanesa

    I can infer that they are very poor what makes me very. There house are destroued eaven though they live outside .well. I have to tell you that my dad was a soider .What is very intrestin. BLANK

  2. vanesa

    I Think they are poor and that makes me vey sad eaven thogh they have here homes distreod.I have to tell you a intrestin fact my Dad ouster be a soilder.Thats intrestin .

  3. Ravjot

    I can retrieve that the soldiers are looking at the tanks.

    I infer the tanks are going to attack the enemy soldiers.

    I learnt that in ww2 they used tanks

    one of the biggest weapons made during the World War 2 was tanks.

  4. Sumayo

    I can retrieve that the soldies really looking at the things that were destroyed in the war.

  5. Safiya

    I infer that there is a war going on and men are fighting.

    I retrieve that there are many men and some machinery on the floor.

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