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Multiplication Madness

Posted by on November 23, 2017

Your challenge

  1. Answer the question
  2. Explain your method for answering the question
  3. Write this question into a word problem


6 Responses to Multiplication Madness

  1. Ravjot

    The answer is 4688

    First you times 2×4 is 8 .Then you times 7×4 is 28. Next carrie the 2 to 4×1 is 4 and add the 2 .Finally times 1×4 is 4.

    Tom wants 1172 snickers for 4p him much money does he need?

  2. vanesa

    1172 times 4 ephuais 4688 and carry a one under the Tens because 7 times 4 so it ephels 24 but i cant write it like thatbecse it would be a the rong answer .So it is 4688.

  3. Sumayo

    The answer is 4688

  4. Sumayo

    The answer is 4688

  5. Safiya


  6. Sumaiya

    The answer is 4688

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