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Eden Camp

Posted by on November 28, 2017

Yesterday, Year 4 attended Eden Camp.

What exciting new fact did you learn whilst you were there?

Which hut was your favourite? Why?

6 Responses to Eden Camp

  1. Ravjot

    My favourite hut was hut 5 because there was lights and smoke. I learnt that they used to confuse the enemy by using lots of arrows.

  2. vanesa

    It was awom at the trip but in the blitz .I didnt like it but my best one was the pouppet show becase there was loada of water one me

  3. vanesa

    l learnt that there was shoese and there were wade out of bread.

  4. danyal

    The Germany betrayed Russia by invading them but it was to cold and soldiers where hungry.

  5. conner.c

    eden camp was amazing and fun

  6. Safiya

    I loved the black out as in one area it was very dark.
    I loved the blitz as well because of the smoke.

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